CommuniquesThese Color Communiqués, with the latest strategies that work, are shared with you freely. These suggested communication tactics may seem simple, but they are another example of the power of Winning Colors®. If you sort and interpret the Communication Behavior Identification Cards accurately, you will discover more about the communication of yourself and others than you would through years of personal interaction. Hundreds of thousands of others already do this!

Winning Colors® Communiqués are available in PDF format for reading and downloading here. You are encouraged to distribute these freely to others provided that credit is given the author, Stefan Neilson , Aeon Communications and provided that they are distributed in their entirety. Simply click on a Communiqué link below.

Communiqué #1

Bullying: Corporate and Education

Communiqué #2

Law of Attraction for Personal and Financial Success

Communiqué #3

How to Break the Sound and Space Barrier

Communiqué #4

5 Minute Behavioral Identification of Anyone

Communiqué #5

How to Vote Intelligently and Responsibly

Communiqué #6

Stress Management