Winning Colors® is your hands-on leadership/team-building resource: DISCERN, HOW TO PREDICT and WHAT to EXPECT IN SITUATIONS & INTERRELATIONSHIPS in minutes. You will be able to have a POSITIVE READ on anyone like a book with practice.

Relevance: Business

Training Sessions over the past 30 years such as: National Management Association (e.g.Rockwell, Lockheed, General Dynamics) and multinational corporations such as McDonald’s

“I have heard nothing but positive feedback relative to the “Winning Colors®” concept and many of our people are still applying these principles in selecting new management personnel and crew members, as well as in the day-to-day interactions on the job dealing more effectively with existing employees.” McDonald’s Corporation, Larry Adams

Relevance: Military

JROTC instructors and administrators. Adult Version adapted for youth leadership and team-building JROTC (Cadet Reference Manual) – used by 300,000 cadets over their 4 years in high school to evaluate their
progress in leadership and team-building skills. (Since 1998)

Relevance: Education

Over 200 School Districts, County Boards of Education, Public and Private Schools have invested in the Winning Colors® Process and Conflict Resolution (excerpt from “What Color is Communication” by Stefan Neilson) included in Conover’s communication packaged software “The Success Profiler” since 2008.

In addition, Latino leaders and populations workshops in L. A. (Communicards in Spanish) found the Winning Colors® Process a basic tool for developing their communication skills.