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Be inspired and motivated to bring out the best in you and others.

“One Moment of Time” Sung by Danna Winner

Heal the World: By 45 Child Artists

Today’s world….“La colere des imbeciles remplit le monde – The World is Filled, and Racked and Torn by the fury of fools, and the base things are exalted and the lovely things destroyed: But still we must have mercy…” Gerald Vann – The Divine Mercy.

It is a time to bring up your Winning Colors® with an “Ode to Joy”.


January, 2016 Celebrate your Winning Colors®  with “You raise me up to more than I can be”.

What more could be desired……..????


Be inspired this Easter, 2016:  “One Pair of Hands”

My opportunity to Reflect on the true Easter significance and impact on my life in a world that is losing its soul: “One Pair of Hands”.

This song was written by Carroll Roberson, and is sung by Elvis Presley

When you have a quiet moment… click and ENJOY!!!!!

For those who wish to be inspired throughout the year.

For full appreciation and enjoyment play only at full volume outside speakers.

Subject: Our Father – Marcelino Champagnet


Permanent Posting for 2015   Like the Winning Colors®  process the following posting is most worthwhile — very powerful thoughts.

Empowerment for yourself and those you care for deeply. This sure puts things in perspective!!

Reason raison d’être for postings:    We consider Winning Colors®  to be the best communication and behavioral management tool available. We want to prove it to you! So, over the next few months, we will provide links to the “best of the internet” for you to compare Winning Colors®  and prove it is  best communication tool for resolving challenges in situations and relationships. Compare them and you will agree!

Winning Colors®  shows HOW to DEVELOP COMPETENCY for learning leadership skills, self- management proficiency, initiating positive behavioral change, providing success tools for working in teams and coaching, tactics for dealing with Corporate or Educational bullying, conflict resolution and for hiring the right people for the right job.


 What Makes You Tick?

What Makes Other People Tick?

 Find Out In Less Than 5 Minutes with

Winning Colors® “Communicards”

 It’s Fun – It’s Fast – It’s Fabulous!

“ Life consists not in not in holding good cards, but in playing those you do hold well”  Josh Billings.

*** Use your Winning Colors®   and eventually you will get there!!!!!!!!

Persistence prevails


Let go of your mouse. Just click on colors below, and sit back and enjoy a multitude of pictures, first black and white, then in color. Phenomenal photography. What a colorful world we live in and take for granted every day. In like manner why not change from Type based assessments to Winning Colors®  a Whole Person Personality Behavioral Identifier. Black and white is dramatic, but color is beautiful.

 Click here: Colors   

***  Celebrate your  Winning Colors®

Click:      Juste magnifique !!!.

January/2016.   As this Panoramic Photography is judged the best in the world of photography so Winning Colors®  is the best communication and behavioral management tool in the market place. These are the just-announced winners of the 2014 international competition.

I must caution you that you’re probably going to experience vertigo, dizziness…the wider the span the more discomfort you may feel.  Once opened, max your screen to FULL screen via the lower right corner.

January/2016.    It is the difference that makes us the best!  The Winning Colors® Process.

The Difference In How Men and Women Think!!.aspx


January/2016  Experience: As there is the best in the world of acrobatics as illustrated here so there is the best in identifying the communication strengths of   you and others in seconds as illustrated by the Winning Colors®  Powerful Profiling Process as illustrated on this web site.


03/17/15 Celebrate March and St. Patrick’s Day with a “Vision of Steel.”  Inspired by a Leprechaun.       Click on “music”. Click on “Vision of Steel”.

Be inspired by “Music to live by!”


01/25/2015 What a wonderful world for your Winning Colors®.




1/01/2015     For the coming years let your Winning Colors® Be Inspired with the Beauty of Creation…

Remember To Breathe!



5/07/2014 *** The mystery of what makes Winning Colors® Whole Person Communication Behavioral Identification Process the Best of Personal Assessments is its simplicity yet profundity… the communication strengths of you or another is laid open like a book in less than 5 minutes akin to the secret of this magic dance without chairs.   

The simplest explanations in life oft times reveal the most profound and beautiful.

The Winning Colors® Easter Message.

4/20/2014 *** What Makes Winning Colors® Whole Person Communication Behavioral Identification Process the Only One of Its Kind is that This Practical Life Giving Means is Inspired by the Natural Law Written in Our Hearts.

Regardless of Our Belief System One of Best Ways For Caring, Respecting, Understanding, Leading, Working with Others and Taking Constructive Action is Provided in This Unconditional Positive Regard Process as is Aptly Illustrated:

“Dare to be yourself.”
André Gide, French author

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”
John Lubbock, British banker, politician, naturalist and archaeologist

This is one of the many things that truly mark out Pope Francis.

Pope Francis’ compassionate nature was poignantly captured in this image of him tenderly comforting a sick man by kissing him on the head.


Though the man’s face was disfigured, the Pope laid his hands on his head and screwed his eyes up tightly in prayer. Earlier in his general address, he asked the assembled crowd to pray for a sick little girl that he had just met.



4/06/2014 *** What makes Winning Colors® Whole Person Communication Behavioral Identification Process One of Best Ways For Caring and Respecting for Others … Is the Same As … Illustrated by this Special Wedding Consideration of Caring and Respecting an Occasion of Great Magnitude: the Marriage Ceremony.

Winning Colors® gives you a superb opportunity to UNDERSTAND why people behave as they do and how you might communicate with them as a genuine friend.

Easter is a special time for love and caring. “Greater love has no one than this that one lay down his life for his friends.”

However for most of us, It is the little things we do for others that are part of loving.

One of the greatest occasions for demonstrating that thoughtfulness is at the wedding ceremony.

Click on phrase below.

 3/08/2014 *** What makes Winning Colors® Whole Person Communication Behavioral Identification Process the Best of Personal Assessments … Is the Same As … What Measures Up to Breding the Best Genetic Developed Thoroughbred Horses.>

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