Method # 2: Determine Your Communication Power with the “Discover Form”

Which part of you is the strongest at the present time?

Planner – Fox (Green)?      Builder – Bull and Bear (Brown)?       
Relater – Dolphin (Blue)?         Adventurer – Tiger (Red)?

These are the four parts of self.

Number the following words or phrases in each item (a,b,c,d) from 1 to 4, going across each line in order of importance to you.  Number 1 would be the word or phrase that best describes your feeling of comfort and what you feel inside – NOT how you would like to be – NOT how you act because of outside pressures, e. g., work, superiors, company down-sizing, family, friends.

Total the columns.  Circle the lowest score.  Put a box around your second lowest backup score. The lowest score identifies your present communication Power.

Fill in the TREND blanks with the four parts of self that match the words in the column.

Fill in the COLOR blanks with the color that matches the TREND.

a) Being Prepared   b) Let’s all be friends   c) Developing better and more logical ways   d) Living today and not worrying about tomorrow
  a) Telling people what they should do   b)Talking and socializing with people c) Understanding and analyzing people’s behavior   d) Having fun and excitement with people
  a) Saving   b) Giving   c) Creating   d) Spending
  a) Leading   b) Relating   c) Planning   d) Exploring
  a) Being organized   b) Being loved and accepted   c) Being correct and competent   d) Being spontaneous

Scoring Your Communication Strengths

STEP # 1:

Total the scores in each column.

STEP # 2:

                 Circle your lowest score.  This is your STRENGTH. The next lowest is your backup.

DANGER!  DANGER!  DANGER! This may have been the first time that you have looked at the good things about yourself. You may not be sure at first which word fits you.

You may not be sure whether your strength is PLANNER, BUILDER, RELATER or ADVENTURERThis is O.K. Put down what you believe now! As you discover more about yourself you may want to change your choice. You may change any time you have new insights.

Remember – there is no right or wrong choice. You may discover that other people have told you things about yourself that do not fit. NOW you may discover what is good and true about you!

STEP # 3 Explanation of Colors and Words:

Under column a) is BUILDER (Bull and Bear) and the COLOR is BROWN.

Under column b) is RELATER (Dolphin) and the COLOR is BLUE.

Under column c) is PLANNER (Fox) and the COLOR is GREEN.

Under column d) is ADVENTURER (Tiger) and the COLOR is RED.

This is the Prudential Process of Thomas Acquinas: Think, Decide, Emotional Driving Force and Action!

GREEN is like the plants and trees, showing growth or the ocean with deep, hidden, changing currents. It is the Fox part of me.

BROWN is like the earth and shows solid leadership and decisiveness. It is the Bull and the Bear Part of Me.

BLUE is like the sky, showing openness, feeling and team building power. It is the Dolphin Part of Me.

RED is like the fire and shows excitement, action and fun. It is the Tiger Part of Me.
Place your choice for the color cards and discover form below.
Green Card(Planner) Planner (Green)
Brown Card (Builder)
Builder (Brown)
Blue Card (Relater)
Relater (Blue)
Red Card (Adventurer
Adventurer (Red)

It you have the cards compare the two sets. If there is a difference, pick the one you think is closest to the true you. Remember: you may change your choice any time you discover more about your true self. Your second choice is very important, too – this your backup strength. I have found the Discover Form is not as exact as the Card Sort in most cases.  The card sort uses three senses See, Touch, Hear.

I am proud of the true me!

Place your final choice below in pencil so you may erase it if you discover something new about how you truly are inside. You will be able to remove the mask!

Planner (green) the Fox Part of Me
Builder (brown) the Bear and Bull Part of Me
Relater (blue) the Dolphin Part of Me
Adventurer (red) the Tiger Part of Me

Exercise #4