Check out your observation skills.

Can You Identify the

Relater? Builder? Adventurer? or Planner?

Part of Yourself and Others in the Four portraits?

Four Thumbnail Sketches of the Four Portraits:

(1) If I emphasize the Planner Part of Me (green), I usually enjoy thinking about new and better methods to create ideas for personal and financial gain. I know that underlying details are important. I make sure that all aspects are brought into consideration before making an important decision. I want competency and perfection.

I want to do things right. I want to know new things. I am a thinker by nature. The most efficient way for me to learn is by working alone. I believe in using time and money wisely. I am curious about how people think.

I want to understand nature. I am a creative person. I use reason and wisdom. I desire the ability to prepare for the future so that society might grow and prosper.

(2) If I emphasize the Relater Part of Me (blue), I usually enjoy being with people and have a high regard for emotions. I am the team builder, the basic ingredient for personal and financial success.

I know that feelings are very important and will blend my needs with those of others. People are the most important part of my decision making. I like to work in a team. The most efficient way for me to learn is in a group discussion.

I want unity with others; I am a romantic at heart and a sympathetic person by nature.  I want opportunities to communicate and socialize with others. I believe that care and consideration are the rock solid foundation of a successful and prosperous life. I have strong emotions, based on honesty and sincerity. I feel that I can help others to become productive and happy.

(3) If I emphasize the Adventurer Part of Me (red), I just do it. I usually enjoy being where the action is and bringing the fun and thrills into the routine of daily life. I am the entrepreneur and enjoy the excitement of taking chances. In times of crisis, I am at my best!

I believe that people are free and make no bones about enjoying life without being bound by rules and regulations. I want excitement! I believe that money should be spent freely. The

present moment is most important. The most efficient way for me to learn is through action (tactile).

Yesterday is easily forgotten and tomorrow is not relevant. Fast machines are an important part

of my action world. I have fun flying over the rainbow rather than finding the pot of gold at the end. I am a free-spirited person for the entire world to see, keeping society from ulcers and high blood pressure.

(4) If I emphasize the Builder Part of Me (brown), I usually enjoy leading and being “up front” with people. I can be either a bull or bear as the stock market demands. I am a promoter of blue chip stocks.

I express myself openly and directly. I prefer taking a leadership role in a group or situation. I know what I ought to do and do not hesitate to remind other people about their responsibilities and commitments. I want status, recognition and power.

I have a deep respect for traditions. I strive to be the leader of any group. I believe in preparing and saving, thus building life on a solid rock foundation which will stand when the winds and rains come. I am a strong-willed, organized person who stands as a fortress for all to see, desiring respect and appreciation for the ways I help others to be their best.



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