# 2. Why People Fail in Life!

How would you advise the mother cat to get her kittens up the slide? If you were her in this dilemma what would you suggest? It is paramount that you do not throw the baby out with the bath water. It is psychological crucial that you have stability in your life’s pilgrimage or insanity issues may arise.  When a new situation arises is your first response: “What did I do last time?”


There remains a primitive need in us to fight off the new and strange.

I do not succeed and may fail in relationships or situation because

I may concentrate and defend what I already have and know.

This is a characteristic of the adolescent growth stage.

Why People Fail

a) There is an unconscious commitment to what I expect and am conditioned to think is likely.

b) I have an emotional attachment to that to which I am exposed to first.

c) I unconsciously kill my thoughts and feelings in order to remain safe and maintain the status quo.

d) I cannot think of two things at the same time! While the other person is talking I am thinking of a response to the challenge in question.

e) Many times I defend myself in order to gain victory over the other person. I do not wish to appear absurd. I defeat the teacher by not learning. Again Proven Fact: It is impossible to think of two things at the same time.

What a terrifically high fee to pay for remaining ignorant!

Imagine a HUGH MARKET PLACE with all the various STANDS. Suppose you have a lettuce STAND. If you wish to gain knowledge and profit more, you must leave your lettuce STAND and go over to the carrot STAND. If you talk all the time about lettuce with the carrot man, you’ll never learn anything about his vegetable. It is impossible to talk or to hear two things at the same time. The only way to grow and profit in life is to leave your lettuce STAND and go UNDER the STAND of the carrot man.


To be able to switch from STANDING to UNDERSTANDING and

 back at will is the skill of the mature adult


is still out of reach for the perpetual Adolescent

One Practical Application: Is your behavioral bias like the mother kitten?

Are you still emotionally attached

to in vogue 20th Century Type based assessments.

Addendum: “The problem with any philosophical consideration is that once you open the door in your mind, you can never close it. Once you learn something, you can never convince your mind that you did not learn it. If you learn that the world is round you can never fit into a world that thinks it is flat.” Ted Dekker – Author.

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