# 1. Stress Management!

There are many wonders on the internet today that in the early 20th century would have seen impossible:  Voyage to Mars in the field of space travel and or a Process for Identifying and Assessing a person’s behaviors in seconds in the field of communication.

The one-of-a-kind, incredible Winning Colors® Whole Person Behavioral Identification Process takes seconds to identify the preeminent behaviors to bring up for success in a relationship or situation vs. hours using  20th century Type Casting assessments.

Would not this be of value to you? The Winning Colors® process provides an almost instantaneous identification of present behaviors that reveals any person’s Behavioral Bias to thinking or leading or team participation or action. This is your 21st century key for stress management  in situations and relationships as well as leadership power and team building realization.

I stand by my position that Winning Colors is one of the most effective tools we have for implementing positive behaviors on an individual or organizational basis.

Timothy C. Clapper, PhD. President and Education Consultant.



Extensive Research indicates a link between cancer, other health conditions and stress.

New research, such as out of Ohio State University, suggest a molecular “master switch” activated by a stress related gene. Researchers say the study suggests a gene, called ATF3 is a key link between stress and cancer including the major cause of cancer death. (Published in “The Journal of Clinical Investigation”)

ONE of the causes of STRESS is that you do not know what will happen in a SITUATION or  RELATIONSHIP exchange. The Winning Colors® process goal alleviates to a degree the stress of this uncertainty with the tools of expectancy theory.

How is this brought about using the Winning Colors® process? Here is an example:

1) Your present behavioral bias is revealed.  For example the “communicard” sort may indicate your major behavioral cluster is (Relater-Blue) team-people centered-emotional in nature.

2) However, the person in charge at your work behavioral bias (relation or situation) is bottom-line in nature (Builder-Brown).

3) This situation may cause you to be UNDUE stress work. (She may be a “Dragon Lady” or he may be  “Dedicated to Staunch Control”.

4) However, if you have identified this behavioral bias YOU KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT and ARE NOT A VICTUM OF CHANCE!

5) You are now in position to bring up the BEST behavioral strategy to deal with the behaviors of the person in charge.

For greater clarification go to “Communiqué # 6: Stress Management” on our  Communiqué page.

The Winning Colors® process is based on the extensive research of Expectancy Theory, Behavior Modification and Neuro Linguistics:

You know what to expect in a relationship or situation: you have a strategy for modifying your behavior to deal with it in the best way; you even have the best vocabulary to use with the person in charge with the greatest success.

I would appreciate your comments on what is GOOD & NEW for you.



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Addendum: I am no way saying that TYPE Based Assessments such as Myers-Briggs, DISC, True Colors, Kiersey Bates et alii have no merit.

1. They are based on Speculation and have yet to be given Research Credence. For Reliability and Validity Research demands Random Sampling from a specific Population.  The results can only be applied to that population or you end up with the thalidomide disaster.  Unfortunately for marketing purposes, some Type Based inventories or assessments have “overextended their terms”.

2. On the other hand, Type based assessments such as MMPI or 16PF have research reliability and validity as they have applied their results to a specific population.

3. All Type based assessments have one very good result: Different Strokes for Different Folks.

4. In contrast I suggest an alternative to Type Theory based assessments. Winning Colors® a whole person present behavioral identification profiling process is based on the conclusions of Behavior Modification, Client Centered Therapy, Neuro Linguistics, Rotter’s Locus of Control, Expectancy Theory combined with the philosophy of Aquinas (Prudential Process), Aristotle in conjunction with my futurist mentor in the University of Toronto, Marshall Mcluhan:  “The message Sent is the Message Received”

“The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”–Alvin Toffler, American writer and futurist